A Winboard/Xboard Chess Playing Program
By Pradu Kannan



Next version will be parallel using a slightly modified DTS algorithm!
Download Buzz 0.08
Click here for older releases

Also check out Dirty, a Buzz-EveAnn hybrid.

Opening Book

Buzz might play a little stronger using one of these bigger books instead of the default book:

Opensource Buzz

Here is the source code for some older version of Buzz released under GPL. It is intended to be an example program for new chess programmers. I might update it every now and then.

Download Opensource Buzz

Fast Magic Move Bitboard Generator

This generator came about through inspiration by Lasse Hansen's move generator and research for a couple months on my part about magics. This is also the generator I intend to use for Buzz. You can use this to generate move bitboards for your own chess engine if you wish.

Download Magic Move Bitboard Generator

Online Elo Table

Buzz Games (PGN)


Some logos are scaled down because they are too big to display here. Click on them for full scale.

Jim Ablett

Graham Banks




3D Chess Control Preview

I'm also developing a 3D chess control when I get bored of Buzz for a while. This is going rather slow because I rarely get bored of Buzz. The plans, if and when I get around to it, are to implement texture mapping, full screen anti-aliasing, piece animations and triangular stripping of models. The chessboard with two different piece sets are shown below. Click to enlarge the images.
Download Preview Executable (Windows)
The 3d piece models were created by Robert Wood.



  1. Olivier Deville
    Operates Buzz for ACCA and CCT
  2. IM Karr, Jean-Philippe
    Provided PGNs for book creation.
  3. Lasse Hansen
    Introduced me to the concept of magic bitboard move-generation
  4. Bryan Hoffman
    An experienced optimizer who has kindly made 32-bit and 64-bit Windows compiles for Buzz.
  5. James Coit
    Operates Buzz on FICS under the handle Singularity.


A Few Winboard Interfaces

  1. Original Winboard/Xboard (Windows, Unix, MacOS)
  2. Scotti's Enhanced Winboard (Windows only)
  3. Chess Pad (Windows only)
  4. Scid (Windows, Unix, MacOS)
  5. Arena (Windows only)
  6. Chessmaster (Windows only, commercial)
  7. Slibo (Unix only)
  8. BabasChess (Windows only)

Engine Testing and Tournaments

  1. How to test an engine
  2. TLCV Server List
  3. ChessWar
  4. OpenWar
  5. WBEC
  6. The Dirty Dozen
  7. RWBC


Computer Chess Programming

  1. Winboard Forum
  2. Bruce Moreland's Chess Programming Topics
  3. Ed's Programming Page
  4. Rizzuti's Chess Paper Collection
  5. Chess Articles
  6. Bit Twiddling Hacks
  7. The Aggregate Magic Algorithms
  8. Blockage Detection in KP endgames
  9. Parallel αβ Search on Shared Memory Multiprocessors
  10. DTS - High-Performance α&beta Parallel Search for Shared Memory Multiprocessors
  11. Introduction to the APHID Parallel αβ Search Algorithm (For Clusters)
  12. The APHID Parallel αβ Search Algorithm
  13. Test Positions
  14. Chess Tools

General Programming

  1. Valgrind
  2. The C Book
  3. POSIX Threads Programming
  4. Programming Optimization
  5. Software Optimization Guide for the AMD64 Processors
  6. Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manuals
  7. Software Optimization Resources
  8. Wikipedia-Software Optimization
  9. :[diStorm64}: The ultimate disassembler library (for X86-64)